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With the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, school reopening is going to be different in 2021 with staggered school reopening dates and increased safe management measures.

Whether you and your child are feeling a little anxious, excited or ambivalent about going back to school, here are a few tips to help you ease into the transition while keeping your child safe.

Tip #1: Practice putting on face masks

Young children in primary school may have some difficulty putting on their mask on their own and keeping it on for long period of time without you being there. If your child is one of them, help them practice this at home so that they’ll get used to it when school starts. Don’t wait until the day before school to do that.

Tip #2: Preaching good hygiene

The best way to protect your child from the potential spread of the virus is to get them into the habit of not touching their faces with their hands and washing their hands frequently. If they need to wipe their nose, get them to use a tissue.

Help your child understand how good hygiene can protect their health and others by reminding them every now and then. Don’t forget about telling them not to share food or drinks with their friends too.

Tip #3: Disinfect common surfaces

Studies have found that virus can live on surfaces so another thing. Hence, remind your child to clean and disinfect frequently touched items in school such as tables or shared equipment with disinfecting wipes.

Tip #4: Social distance

Some primary school children may get too excited seeing their teachers and friends after the long school holidays and forget about social distancing. Prepare them for it at home by modelling it so that they will be comfortable with how a safe distance looks like and feels like when they get back in school.

Tip #5: Minimize unnecessary contact

To lower the chances of your child getting infected, remind them to go home straight after school instead of hanging out at nearby playgrounds or crowded malls with their friends.

Tip #6: Prepare nutritious food

Having a good immunity system is important for protecting your child from whatever that comes in their way. Make sure your child eats well by planning healthy meals and add in some vitamins if you need to for that extra boost of immunity.

Tip #7: Stay home if you are sick

Don’t attend school or other activities if your child is feeling sick or showing flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough. See a doctor quickly.


Thankfully, the Covid-19 situation in Singapore is still under control and you can be sure that schools are doing their best to keep your child safe too. Everyone plays a role in keeping the community safe. For now, let’s stay positive and embrace the changes. Afterall, when you look back years from now, these Covid-19 period that you’ve experienced are part of the ways in which you came together as a family.

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